Small Potato Program

A Solution for Small Companies


Many companies in the light electric vehicle industry are small, just starting, or simply lightly capitalized. They often do not know what services they will need and what issues they will face. Getting the attention of suppliers can be a struggle, as well as trying to cover all the requirements of a complex business on a limited budget. Nicknamed “Small Potatoes” by many in the Asian supply chain, such companies are best served by a very flexible service package. Our Small Potato packages are as follows:

Package 1

$500 USD per months, minimum 6 months. Up to 4 hours of phone and email consultation each month on whatever issues are of interest.  Most “in stock” reports on markets, regulations, and such are made available at no additional charge. Travel on behalf of the client is regarded as an extra cost item.

Package 2

$1000 USD per month, minimum 6 months. Up to 10 hours of phone and email consultation per month. Most in stock reports on markets, regulations and such are made at no additional charge. Travel on behalf of client is regarded as an extra cost to client.  


Consultation can include the following:

  • Advice on finding partners, suppliers, customers, or service providers
  • Coaching on solving communications problems or business issues between cultures and between language and legal systems
  • Information on markets, regulations, players and participants in the electric bicycle industry
  • Introductions to key individuals in the supply chain, or distribution channels.  Introductions to designers, engineers, creative people, and many other niches
  • Comments and acting as a sounding board for business ideas
  • Help with planning, budgeting
  • Translation of both words and concepts between languages and cultures
  • Using lessons learned and observed from our long tenure in the industry, advising on many issues


For more infor­mation on how eCE can help support your needs, contact us for a consultation.