Service Packages


Instant Insider Program – Shorten Your Learning and Network Development Time by Years

Companies and individuals that are entering or learning about the electric two wheeler industry can benefit from eCE’s ability to introduce them to the right contacts within weeks, as well as explain and report on the industry quickly and accurately. 

We have helped sales managers develop a network in weeks and have helped corporate research and strategy teams learn about the industry in days.

eCE has more than once, taken newcomers to the industry and helped them become “insiders” within 6 weeks.

This program usually involves travel assistance to trade shows, travel to key contact’s office and or factory, followed by an intensive work session for a few weeks. Costs can vary from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on timing and goals.

International Trade Show – Visitor

Attending a trade show can be overwhelming. If you do not know the people and the companies they can also be frustrating. Especially when in a country or culture that is not familiar. eCE can arrange flights, help with travel details, coach clients on whom to meet, make appointments for clients, help with show preparation and follow-up, accompany clients to meetings, translate and advise.  Our goal is to make your trade show visit very productive and comfortable.

Trade shows are golden hours for eCE. We are usually booked near capacity, with most or all of our team attending. Services at a trade show can range from a couple thousand dollars to as much as $15,000, depending on objectives and needs.

International Trade Show – Exhibitor

Exhibiting at a trade show in another country can be a big task and full of surprises. Our staff has managed exhibits at Eurobike, Interbike, Taipei Cycle, China Cycle Show, Tianjin Cycle, EVS, Tokyo Cycle and more. We can make your event easier, less expensive and more effective. Costs vary and are dependent on your trade show goals. 

International Visits

A basic fact of international business is going to the offices and or factory of your customer or supplier and meeting them face to face - it is very important to establish a relationship with your business partner beyond emails and phone calls . Knowing whom to meet and being appropriately introduced is also necessary. eCE has arranged and accompanied hundreds of clients on various International trips. We can arrange everything from travel to translation and provide preparation, coaching and follow up. Your trip will be more effective, more comfortable and safer with our help. Costs range from as hundreds or up to thousands of dollars per day depending on the location, objectives and timing of your desired visit.

Startup Program

eCE has helped many ebike and ebike component businesses start up from the ground up. We are experts in legal issues, practical matters and have the business development and project management skills needed to build a strong foundation for your company. Our help can be inexpensive – see our small potato program for further details. 

Expanding Business In Asia 

Western companies often seek customers in Asia for technology licensing or partnerships. Success in this can be very profitable, but the task is daunting. Our team has experience in finding and developing suitable customers and partnerships. We are alert, pragmatic and skilled at protecting IP. We are effective at finding real partners that are sincere and at solving the myriad of details and problems that accompany such efforts.  Our Chinese associates work closely with our highly experienced North America and European team to find the best and right solutions and partnerships. We have helped USA and EU companies both large and small.

Expanding Business in Europe 

Asian companies often seek business in Europe where a myriad of languages, cultures and demographics offer both challenge and opportunity.

Our team speaks German, Russian, French, Spanish, English and Mandarin. We have experience in developing business for Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean and  Thai companies in Europe.

Communications with our Asia-based team are in Mandarin. Our extensive contacts and network in Europe allow us to make the right introductions and recommendations.

Expanding Business in North America 

While eCE is an international team that serves international customers, we are an American company with long experience in both the electric bike business in the USA and the normal bicycle business of the USA.  We have helped establish retail stores, importers, distributors and have identified customers for Asian electric bike, bicycle and component makers.

Production Inspection

We have expert engineers who oversee production of electric bikes in China and Taiwan. We can handle inspection of parts, checking for compliance to the bill of materials, continuous inspection and interaction with factory managers and line workers, factory quality control - all of which results in better builds and fewer problems with product. The cost is modest – about 300 dollars per day plus travel for most small production runs. A typical 1-2 container order will take two days. If more people are needed, the cost will be higher. Travel expenses are additional. 



eCE has one of the most experienced ebike and bicycle engineers on the planet - Mike Fritz from our North America office. Next to Mike is Fang Yunzhou, from our China office. Fang is focused on the Chinese ebike and component factories. If neither Mike nor Fang have the requisite engineering skills for a particular task, we have highly experienced friends, associates and contacts that do. This service can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the needs of the client.


eCE knows most of the worldwide suppliers, their products and reputations. We can save a lot of time and money by helping you select and buy the right products at the correct price. We do not work on a commission basis – we serve our clients best interests on a ‘fee for service’ basis. The cost depends on the needs of the client and can range from our small potato program to acting as a nearly full time buyer.

Troubleshooting Relationships and Products

eCE is an international team that deals with international issues on a daily basis inside a technically and culturally complex environment. We almost always understand each other and various members of our team will understand and be understood by our clients and their suppliers and partners. We solve problems and improve relationships nearly every day as a result.

In most cases, eCE is known and trusted by both sides of a communications issue, a technical problem or a dispute. We have experience at finding a good solution for all sides or accurately communicating the issues.

This service can be available on a monthly basis or for a one-time effort. Costs vary.