Business Connections

Developing The Right Relationships


One of our most valuable services is to help people in the industry meet each other, and understand each other's capabilities and needs.  Buying, selling, or developing a light electric vehicle across international borders and cultural lines often requires help. eCE understands the issues of various cultures and the technical details of the products and can be used as a sounding board, an impartial mediator, trouble shooter, or negotiator for all the parties involved in a project. We know what the prices should be, and what the costs can be. Our multinational staff (we speak 8 languages and live in 5 countries) can help you understand problems and how to resolve them. If you are looking for a qualified team who has established relationships with the key players in the industry, we can help you.


Our business connections solutions:

  • Introductions to the right service and product suppliers
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Appointment & Supplier Visits  
  • Networking at Trade Shows
  • Negotiations
  • Talent Recruitment  

For more infor­mation on how eCE can help support your needs, contact us.