eCycleElectric’s mission is to provide information and make connections that unite, advance and improve the global electric mobility movement, focusing on electric two wheelers.


Serving The Global LEV Industry

eCE is an international business management firm and trusted advisor with deep industry and functional expertise in the Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) industry. Our carefully selected team has experience covering the last 40 years of the bicycle industry and has been involved in electric bicycles and LEV companies (electric scooters, motorcycles, drive systems, batteries, motors and controllers) since 1996.

We work with some of the industry's leading companies as well as startups, providing them with successful business strategies, solutions to problems, tangible results and passing down "lessons learned". Our team is recognized for knowing the industry inside and out - from the latest technology and innovations to understanding the cultural barriers of international business. 

Whether in the form of information, advice, or hands-on help, our role is to provide our clients with the knowledge and experience needed to be capable and successful in the LEV industry. 


Our Business Practices 

Working internationally and with many cultures is a complex challenge to eCE staff and our customers. We deliver work of the highest quality by our standards as well as those of our clients. We do not compromise our intellectual integrity for special interests. 


  1. OUR CUSTOMER'S SECRETS ARE KEPT SECRET. We have a long history of discretion, as well as NDAs that bind all of our staff to keeping the secrets of our customers. Inside eCE, only the staff that need to know are informed of the actions and secrets of a given customer. There are cases where the only person at eCE that knows we even have a given customer is the Managing Director for that territory. In most cases, there is no need to keep the customer's identity secret, but when we say we serve a particular customer; it is with their consent.

  2. WE ONLY WORK FOR ONE SIDE. We serve the customer who is paying our fee and with whom we have a contract. Unlike many “consultants” or “trading companies” that solicit “commissions” from suppliers. We never solicit or accept a payment, bribe, commission, or other incentive to betray the confidence and best interest of our client.

  3. WE ARE TRUTHFUL. We have only two answers to any question – the truth, or a polite refusal to answer that question. While we make mistakes, and will try to be persuasive in some cases, we tell the truth as best as we know it.

  4. WE STRIVE TO CREATE SITUATIONS WHERE EVERYONE WINS. We are not comfortable with clients who are unfair or abusive of their suppliers or customers. We believe that every side must make money, every side must be satisfied, or there cannot be a successful future.

  5. SOMETIMES WE MAKE MISTAKES. But we do our best to avoid and correct them. We do not hide our mistakes, and I am proud to say they are rare.

  6. WE ARE ACCESSIBLE. While we do not always manage to do this, due to travel, sleep, and even an occasional holiday, our company policy is to respond to emails within 24 hours and to answer our phone when it rings.