Making a Bigger Impact on The LEV Industry

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Products don’t sell themselves and industries don’t grow overnight – sometimes it takes a lot of money to get the job done and sometimes it just takes effort.


Since our inception in 1996, eCE has been at the forefront of the LEV Industry. We continue to grow as a company, being recognized as the go-to strategy consultant company. We have advised some of the largest and smallest companies as well as startups to help them develop into successful businesses. Now, we are taking strides to build a stronger voice and community for the industry.

Our New Look

We changed our look and some of our strategies with the launch of a new website and social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). Our goal is to better connect and create conversations with our clients, the industry and outside audiences by providing valuable and deep insight from our expert consultants. Social media is no longer a trend or a medium just for entertainment, but a digital resource that is a creative, connecting cornerstone.


  • Blog – It’s one of our most exciting additions – it’s our digital voice. Read posts about industry trends, latest technological innovations, expert opinions, and so on about LEVs. If you scroll down to the foot of each blog, you will notice the share and comment buttons – we encourage you to share posts and let us know your comments; we want to hear them.
  • Events – Our events page features dates, locations, website information and summaries of upcoming trade shows, conferences and events in the LEV industry. Do you need help at an upcoming trade show? Let us know. 
  • Reports – We are offering free and competitively priced eBooks and eReports with topics ranging from market forecasting and key competitor analysis to customer identification. If you are interested in a custom report or analysis, please contact us.

We hope you are excited about our new website and launch of social channels as much as we are. Don’t forget to check our blog and like and follow us!


Posted on June 29, 2013 .