AVERE Takes up Advocacy For Light Electric Vehicles in EU in Alliance With LEVA

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Brussels, July 22 2014 - AVERE, the European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles has launched a Light Electric Vehicle Task Force. This new department within the organization will defend and promote the interests of all companies and organizations that are working in the field of electric L-category vehicles. It will operate in conjunction with LEVA.

AVERE was founded in 1978 and has developed into a European network of different types of members such as national associations, public bodies, research & development entities, vehicle and equipment manufacturers, electricity utilities and users. AVERE’s main objective is to promote the use of electric vehicles, in order to achieve greener mobility for cities and countries. The AVERE network extends over 18 European countries and over 1000 individual members. 

Broader perspective

The AVERE Bureau, which took office early this year under the presidency of Belgian Joeri de Ridder, has decided to expand its activities. In the past, AVERE has been mainly focussing on electric cars. The new Bureau wishes to broaden the organization’s perspective to encompass electric mobility in a broad sense, rather than to focus on electric vehicles.

The Light Electric Vehicle Task Force (LEV-TF) is a direct result of this expansion. Also, with the Task Force, AVERE wants to fill the gap caused by the disappearance of ETRA. The European trade association for 2Wheel dealers was generally known as the most important advocate for LEVs at European level. Since ETRA’s dissolution at the end of last year, no one has been consistently following up on the European issues, which are of direct concern to the LEV-sector.

The LEV-TF is complementary to the existing Avere Industrial Task Force (AITF), which focuses on electric passenger cars and trucks. The two Task Forces will be looking for possible synergies.

All electric L-category vehicles

The LEV-TF will deal with all electric L-category vehicles. This category includes many different types of electric vehicles, ranging from electric bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles, to electric tricycles, quads and quadricycles. New types of LEV’s, which have no place yet in current regulations, will also be taken into consideration.

One of core activities of the new LEV-TF is advocacy. The department will for instance at very short notice request for a seat in the European Commission’s Working Group “motorcycles”, in which the European technical L-category vehicle regulations are being prepared. Furthermore, the Task Force will defend and promote the LEV-sector in all other relevant dossiers, such as CEN-standardisation, battery regulations, recycling legislation, … but also in more general dossiers such as EU transport policy, environmental policy or fiscal policy.

AVERE-LEVA alliance

The companies and organizations that sign up for the Task Force will set the advocacy priorities. Participation in the LEV-TF is open to anybody from the LEV-world who has an interest in the European market. In this framework, research institutes are also very welcome. A number of academic institutions, headed by the Belgian VUB, were instrumental in AVERE’s foundation. The relationship with the scientific world has been an important factor ever since.

The new AVERE department offers participants an extensive service package and this in cooperation with USA based Light Electric Vehicle Payment of one contribution, depending on the number of staff in the company or organization, allows for both participation in the AVERE LEV-TF and LEVA-membership. Beneficiaries enjoy a service package that includes joint advocacy as well as individual information/assistance services association LEVA.

AVERE and LEVA are convinced that their cooperation will considerably strengthen the LEV-sector. Both associations have impressive networks, which linked together, are a crucial factor for effective advocacy. It will allow the two organisations to advocate light electric mobility as credible and reliable sectorial representatives, whereas LEV-companies and organisations will benefit directly from the services offered by AVERE LEV-TF and LEVA.

“The Light Electric Vehicle Association has always been a worldwide organization and we have seen considerable growth since our inception in 2008. This partnership will not only allow us to grow further in the EU, but we anticipate growth for the entire LEV industry, which has been our goal from the very beginning.”
— Ed Benjamin, Chairman of LEVA

Services to LEV sector

The AVERE LEV-TF intends not only to provide advocacy and individual services to participating companies and organizations, it also wants to play a liaison role between the sector and the various European subsidy programs. The department envisages setting up a system to inform the sector on funding opportunities for light electromobility in a consistent way. At the same time, the department will consider joining consortia as a partner for projects in the field of LEVs. Avere LEV-TF is currently investigating several invitations under the Horizon 2020 Green Vehicles call. As an organization, AVERE is already part of the European Electromobility Observatory. This project has been set up by the European Commission with a view to mapping electro-mobility in the European Union. To date, LEVs were not fully included in the Observatory. The AVERE LEV-TF will fill this gap.

Need for LEV representative

The AVERE LEV-TF will be managed by Annick Roetynck, former Secretary General of ETRA. In the 18 years she has worked for ETRA, she has acquired a thorough knowledge of EU institutions and policies. At the same time, she developed a vast network both in the LEV-world and in the EU political world. She is looking forward to this new challenge.

“My work for ETRA has convinced me that the potential for light electric vehicles in European mobility is infinite. Only, the sector did not make itself heard enough in the European institutions. As a result, LEVs were very often overlooked, neglected ... With ETRA, we started to bring about change. I am thrilled that AVERE offers me the opportunity to continue this work.”
— Annick Roetynck, AVERE LEV-TF Manager

According to AVERE President Joeri de Ridder, there is a clear need for an organization to defend and promote the interests of the light electric vehicle business in the EU. 

“Until recently, ETRA assumed this role but today, no association is advocating LEVs at European level. The European Commission’s White Paper on Transport prescribes halving the use of ‘conventionally fuelled’ cars in urban transport by 2030 and phasing them out completely in cities by 2050. This change over should include LEVs, to a much larger extent than today. This is exactly what we will aim to achieve with the AVERE LEV-TF.”
— Joeri de Ridder, AVERE President

AVERE LEV-TF at Eurobike

AVERE LEV-TF will share booth number FW-OG103, on the first floor of Entrance West. Visitors who wish to meet Annick Roetynck to discuss the AVERE LEV-TF can contact her before the show for an appointment: email a.roetynck@pandora.be, tel. +32 9 233 60 05. AVERE LEV-TF and LEVA will host a networking dinner on Thursday (25/09) evening in the Zeppelin Restaurant.


Founded in 1978, AVERE is a European network comprised of members including vehicle and equipment manufacturers, NGO’s, associations, interest groups, public bodies, research & development entities, electricity utilities, users. Its main objective is to promote the use of battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles, for individual and fleet use, in order to achieve greener mobility for cities and countries. The AVERE network extends over 18 European countries and over 1000 individual members. 

For further details on AVERE, please contact:
AVERE President Joeri de Ridder, email chair@asbe.be, tel. +32 477 63 39 23
Website: www.avere.org 
Facebook: www.fb.com/AVEREEU
Twitter: @AVERE_EU

About LEVA

The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) represents the strategic interests of light electric vehicle retailers, dealers, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers to promote the development, sale and use of LEVs worldwide. Members receive support and educational resources to expand their businesses while initiating efforts to influence and adopt legislation, regulations, performance standards, promotion and general best practices in the light electric vehicle industry.

For more information, visit:
Website: www.levassociation.com 
Facebook: www.fb.com/LEVAssoc
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Posted on July 23, 2014 .