Why People Use Electric Bikes In the United States - A Survey By ORTREC at Portland State University


Electric bikes or e-bikes vary widely in their technology and style. This study focuses on e-bikes that are essentially standard pedal bicycles that have a battery and small motor to assist the rider with propulsion. Electric scooters with pedals are not considered e-bikes for the purposes of this project.

The objective of this survey is to increase understanding of the factors influencing the purchase and use of e-bikes. 

OTREC surveyed 446 e-bike owners, using an instrument adapted from Monash University. The survey was administered online on March 7, 2013 and continues to be open at this time. Data for this poster shows results from 446 respondents through May 24, 2013. The survey was distributed through e-bike blogs, forums, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, e-mails to manufacturers and retailers, and via postcards to retailers in the Portland region. 

Click here to view the results from the survey.