Susanne Bruesch

European Director  

Susi HS.jpg

Susanne studied Translation (German, English, Russian) at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. The result of her graduation paper was the term pedelec (pedal electric cycle) to make international communication about the different types of light electric vehicles (LEV) easier. She introduced the term "pedelec" to the industry in 1999 with the help of the leading industry media (Bike Europe, ExtraEnergy, and Japan Cycle Press) and was her start into journalism. 

Since then she has become a widely published international journalist in the light electric vehicle field. In 2002, she started consulting work and in depth market research in cooperation with Ed Benjamin.

She has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and USA, visiting trade shows and companies all over the world and is an expert in cross-cultural communications. If not on travel, she lives in Berlin, Germany. Susanne speaks German, English, Russian, limited Chinese, and some Spanish and French.