Who Makes Profit From Electric Vehicles?

by Jan-Willem van Schaik, featuring Ed Benjamin  


AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – “The bicycle industry and not the automotive business has successfully commercialized and made substantial profits from electric vehicles with more than 150 million units in use daily.”

“The world bicycle industry has been the incubator for a number of significant changes in human transportation”, said Ed Benjamin. - Photo Bike Europe

This is stated by Ed Benjamin Managing Director eCycleElectric Consultants and Chairman of the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) following Han Goes' weblog at www.bike-eu.com: Car Industry's Bad Track Record on Electric Vehicles.

Both e-bike and electric vehicles industry insiders responded on remarks made by Stephan Augustin, BMW's Manager for E-Mobility Innovation Projects at SRAM's 'Urban Days'.


E-bike business grows despite economic crisis

Benjamin: "I was delighted with Han Goes eloquent and accurate rebuttal of Stephan Augustin's comment. An important point that Han Goes did not mention is that our industry has weathered financial storms for more than a century, and the e-bike business has grown during the biggest economic crisis to hit the world. I think we are doing very well!"

"The car industry has a multi decade history of NOT achieving commercial success with electric vehicles. To the point where one must wonder if they have specialized themselves into a business model straight jacket."


Bicycle industry willing to embrace change and risk

"My observation is that the world bicycle industry, denigrated by some for primitive technology and business practices, is nimble, willing to embrace change and risk, and has been the incubator for a number of significant changes in human transportation. And serves a larger group of customers than the car industry."

"We should remember that the first airplane was built in a bike shop, that a number of advanced metallurgies, carbon fiber structures, and more have been commercialized by the bicycle industry. And that modern paved roads were first demanded by - cyclists."


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