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Is Asia's signature mode of transport set for an electric revolution?

Green and yellow auto rickshaws chug through the crowded streets of New Delhi. Tuk tuks sputter on the roads in Thailand to tourists' delight.

Millions in South and Southeast Asia rely on these three wheelers -- known variously as rickshaws, tuk tuks or tricycles -- as an affordable mode of transportation. But while beloved by many, the vehicles are also blamed for bottleneck congestion and pollution, spewing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particle matters that become trapped inside the lungs.

Posted on June 12, 2014 and filed under Electric Bikes.

Electric cycles, bikes and 'tuks' get traction

Despite America's love affair with Harley-Davidsons, electric motorcycles — as well as e-bicycles — are revving up U.S. sales.

Two-wheeled e-vehicles are gaining converts among urban commuters and law enforcement, which see a stealth advantage in their quietness. More than three dozen U.S. police departments nationwide now use e-motorcycles.

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'Fast' E-Bikes: Pushing Legal Limits

By Ed Benjamin  


“Fast ebikes” or “speed pedelecs” or “illegal ebikes” are a topic of conversation as the market for electric bikes in the USA grows. The key message here is that electric bikes can comply with the law, even the ones that are faster than the federal definition. And it is not hard to comply.

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E-bikes make more sense than EVs, so why do EVs get all the attention – and subsidies?

By, featuring Ed Benjamin  

I’m in the e-bike business, so I obviously have a particular perspective on these things. But from where I stand, it looks like government support for the electric car business is all about supporting car manufacturers and has very little to do with the environment, or common sense for that matter.

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